ZPODS Pods 35mg


Step up your vaping game with ZPODS Pods, now available in a 35mg nicotine concentration for those seeking a stronger hit. These high-quality pods are designed for vapers who desire a more potent and intense experience, while still maintaining the smoothness and satisfaction ZPODS are known for.

Each pod in the ZPODS range is filled with rich, deeply satisfying flavors. From the tangy zing of fresh fruits to the sweet allure of dessert-inspired blends, and the timeless appeal of classic flavors, there’s a ZPODS variety to match every taste preference.

ZPODS Pods are the epitome of convenience and compatibility. They seamlessly integrate with your vaping device, making for easy and quick pod changes without any fuss.

Opt for ZPODS Pods in 35mg concentration for a robust and fulfilling vaping journey. They perfectly blend heightened nicotine strength with exceptional flavors and user-friendly design, ensuring a premium vaping experience every time.