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At Juice World, we redefine the vaping game. Join us in a journey of flavors, innovation, and pure satisfaction. Recent changes in the regulatory landscape has made Flavored vapes unavailable in most places. Not here, Juice World still has all your faves 💪

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Being able to carry such a wide Variety of Brands, we're sure to keep our Suppliers at Competitive Prices


Upgrade to the latest and greatest vaping gear, featuring the newest innovations for a superior experience


Not only are our prices low, our Indigenous Owned Business doesn't charge tax


From starter to expert, find a diverse range of products to make every vaping enthusiast happy


Discover the best e-liquids, blending the finest ingredients for an great tasting experience


Juice World has much more than vaping stuff, we carry a ton of goodies and snacks!

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Step up your vaping game with the ElfBar BC10000! This exceptional device features a groundbreaking 10000mAh rechargeable battery, offering you remarkably extended, uninterrupted vaping sessions. With its innovative e-liquid display, you’re always in control, easily monitoring your usage.

The ElfBar BC10000 combines long-lasting battery life with convenience and style, making it a top choice for discerning vapers. Embrace a superior vaping experience with the durable and reliable ElfBar BC10000!

Available in a variety of flavors.

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