IVG Juice 20mg


Discover the exquisite taste of IVG 30ml Vape Juice, a premium blend designed for discerning vapers. With a balanced 20mg nicotine concentration, this vape juice offers a smooth and satisfying experience in every drop. The 30ml bottle is the perfect size for lasting enjoyment while maintaining the freshness and quality of the flavors.

IVG has carefully crafted a range of flavors to suit all preferences. Whether you’re a fan of fruity freshness, rich desserts, or classic blends, IVG’s 30ml Vape Juice has a flavor to delight your senses.

Conveniently packaged, this vape juice fits effortlessly into your daily routine, whether at home or on the go. Its compact size makes it easy to carry, ensuring you’re never far from your favorite IVG flavor.

For vapers who seek a perfect balance of taste, quality, and satisfaction, IVG 30ml Vape Juice is the ideal choice. Enjoy the rich, nuanced flavors that IVG is renowned for, in a convenient and easy-to-enjoy format.