Flavor Beast – Beast Mode 20mg


Unleash the power of vaping with ‘Beast Mode’ by Flavor Beast, the ultimate disposable vape that’s taking the market by storm. Tailored for the vaper who demands more, Beast Mode comes with a 20mg nicotine concentration, perfect for delivering a satisfying and smooth experience with every puff.

What sets Beast Mode apart is its incredible 8000 puff capacity, ensuring that your vaping pleasure lasts longer than ever. This makes it not just a device, but a dependable companion for extended vaping sessions.

Flavor Beast lives up to its name by packing Beast Mode with an array of tantalizing flavors. Each puff immerses you in a world of rich, bold tastes, making every vaping moment a memorable one.

The design of Beast Mode prioritizes convenience and style. Its sleek, portable form factor means you can take your vaping experience anywhere, fitting effortlessly into any aspect of your daily routine.

Beast Mode by Flavor Beast is more than just a disposable vape; it’s a statement. It’s designed for those who want to elevate their vaping to the next level – more puffs, more flavor, more satisfaction. Get ready to experience vaping in Beast Mode – where power, taste, and longevity come together seamlessly.