Yes, we still have Flavoured Products

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, regulations and guidelines are crucial for maintaining community standards and public health. As of November 1st, 2023, the province of Quebec has enacted new regulatory changes that significantly alter the vaping landscape. Among the most impactful changes is the ban on the sale of flavoured vaping products, a move aimed at curbing the appeal of vaping to young individuals.

These changes have stirred discussions across the vaping community, with many enthusiasts and consumers concerned about the availability of their preferred choices. However, we have important news for our valued customers.

Juice World, your trusted provider of premium vaping products, operates on indigenous territory, which holds a unique position in the context of Canadian regulations. Under the established framework, our operations are not bound by provincial vaping restrictions, allowing us to continue offering a full array of flavoured vaping products to our clientele.

We understand that flavoured vape juices are more than just a preference for many; they are a significant part of the vaping experience. From the rich, creamy notes of vanilla to the tangy zest of citrus, flavours transform vaping into a personalized and enjoyable journey.

Our commitment to serving our customers with an extensive selection of products remains steadfast. As always, we advocate for responsible enjoyment and adherence to all legal guidelines when it comes to vaping. We take pride in offering an inclusive catalogue that caters to every palette while respecting the cultural and regulatory framework of our community.

For those outside of indigenous territories, where these new regulations are in full effect, we share your sentiment and understand the impact this may have. We extend our support to the broader vaping community as it navigates these changes and will continue to provide updates and insights on the situation as it evolves.

At Juice World, we are more than a store; we are a community hub for vaping enthusiasts who seek quality, variety, and a shared passion for the art of vaping. We invite you to visit us and explore our range of flavoured vaping products, assured in the knowledge that while the regulatory landscape shifts, our doors remain open, and our shelves stocked with the flavours you love.

In conclusion, Juice World stands with you, our vaping community. We’re here to ensure that your experience remains uninterrupted, and your choice in flavours stays as diverse and vibrant as ever. We look forward to continuing to serve you and appreciate your support as we all adapt to these changes together.

Remember, vaping is an individual journey, and at Juice World, that journey is flavoured to your liking.

Thank you for choosing us as your preferred vaping destination.

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